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Poly Vinyl Fences

With their easy maintenance and longevity, vinyl fences are becoming an increasingly popular substitute for chain link and wood fence solutions. Vinyl fences offer great security, a beautiful design and an affordable cost. Many homeowners choose vinyl because it typically lasts much longer than other fences and is nearly five times stronger than wood. You can expect vinyl fences to last a long time! If low maintenance is what you seek, you can find it in vinyl fences. They do not decompose and are virtually rust free.


Aluminum Fences

Aluminum fencing is a wonderful alternative to traditional iron fencing. Aluminum fences offer maintenance-free character and added security, offering a better value long-term. Typically, aluminum has a lower starting price to wrought iron, although prices can fluctuate and have recently been affected by tarrifs. Aluminum fences provide a certain lightness to your property, allowing you to maintain a connection with the environment around you with subtly thin aluminum rails and spacing, a luxury not afforded with vinyl or composite fencing.


Chain Link Fences

Chain link fencing is one of the most widely-used and cost-effective containment solutions. But did you know it has a distinguished history? First manufactured in 1844 by Barnard, Bishop and Barnard – an English company – the original design was based on cloth weaving techniques to weave together strips of wire. Chain link came to America in 1891, when Anchor Fencing imported chain link fence-making machines from Belgium. At Fix Fence, we’re proud to offer modern versions of this durable and time-honored fencing material.


Wood Fences

A classic wood privacy fence is still a favorite with many homeowners, whether it’s a backyard fence or anywhere on your property. Indeed, the white picket fence is a staple of the American dream. At Fix A Fence, we favor the look of a wood picket fence over a white picket fence. That is, we like to let the beauty of the wood grain shine through. When custom built to your yard, it enhances your landscape. For the modern age, installing a horizontal wood fence could even be better than a picket fence. The simple design makes yards appear bigger and delivers an upscale farmhouse look. Fix A Fence installs horizontal wood fences in a variety of stains and styles. Board on board allows for additional privacy and when combined with a driveway gate or stone columns, a beautiful entrance can be added to any home.

Restoring Old Fences By:

  • Fixing Leaning Posts
  • Fixing Heaving Posts
  • Fixing Loose Posts
  • Fixing Damaged Sections
  • Fixing Malfunctioning Gates

Installing New Fences With:

  • Wood
  • PVC
  • Poly Vinyl
  • Ornamental
  • Aluminum
  • Chain Link
  • Wire
  • Split Rail
  • Privacy
  • Horse Fence

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