New Fence Installation

Do not have a fence; need a new fence, ready to buy a fence? We install New Fences as well. FIX-A-FENCE can put a new fence around your garden or property lines. We install new fence that keeps deer, rabbits, and other animals from eating/getting into your bushes, tomatoes, and flowers.

People install new fences for many reasons. Having trouble with your neighbors? Want/Need more privacy at home or the office? Tired of walking the dogs? Call FIX-A-FENCE, we will schedule time for an appointment to meet with a New Fence Installation Expert.

Choose from a variety of fencing solutions and contact us for a free estimate. We will help you figure out the right fence for you based on safety, style, functionality and price. Before you buy, contact us for a quote and get the facts you need to make an informed decision on your fencing needs.


While each property is unique to it’s owner, each fence repair project is a custom job depending on the type of fence we are working on and the type of materials involved. Having access to all of the major brands and parts available for fencing across north America FIX-A-FENCE is positioned to tackle any fence repair job you can throw at us. while each project is different they all have the same need which is to have a fence repair job done well and in budget and this is our goal, whether strictly decorative or practical as in retaining live stock like horses or for defining property lines, FIX-A-FENCE can handle all of you fence repair and installation needs with professional and courteous service. So call us today for a free estimate.