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Good fences make good neighbors. Traditionally, fences are built out of wooden posts and slats. Over time, wooden fences can begin to sag and lean due to the shifting of the ground or wood rot. Leaning fence posts can pose a hazard to people in your yard and should be fixed as soon as possible. Repairing a broken fence post or fixing a rotten post can be done without taking out the old post or fence boards.Many fences sag because their posts rot within a few years of installation and if you go to the trouble and expense of replacing the post or even the whole fence, the posts can rot again in another 5-10 years. Today’s fencing options are more plentiful than ever. Many new materials have been introduced that have decreased the cost of manufacturing.

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The answer is simple…Fence Material Cost Savings. Until now you were subject to common fence laws: “You need to remove or replace that ugly, old, rotting, broken fence. Save money on all fence materials by only replacing what NEEDS to be replaced. If your Chain Link Fence is falling down, it does not mean you need to replace the whole fence. Simply call FIX-A-FENCE, we will come to your home and provide a Free Estimate. In most scenarios you can get away with keeping your existing Wire and Tubing, but the rusted fence posts need to be replaced. FIX-A-FENCE will carefully disassemble your fence, replace damaged fence posts or poles, reassemble the chain link fence, and now we can paint and preserve that same fence that would have been scrapped by other fence companies.

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